After 21 years, we changed COVERGIRL’s famous tagline from ‘Easy Breezy, Beautiful’ to ‘I Am What I Make Up.’ The new brand message celebrates the power to express any side of who you are, who you want to be, at any moment, through makeup.

The new tagline was part of a larger brand relaunch which included new product packaging and beauty photography made more relevant for the modern day woman. The updated visual approach can be seen in retail and in print.

The relaunch also included several films about each COVERGIRL and their makeup.

Working with photographer, Frank Terry, we captured BTS content that was used to announce each COVERGIRL on their social channels and in PR.

Since the relaunch, COVERGIRL garnered 97.3% earned media, 1125% increase in engagement, increase in sales and stock and a total of 13.5 billion impressions.

The momentum helped pave the way for the opening of their new store in Time Square where the rest of the work comes to life.