Marybeth grew up in an immigrant neighborhood of Chicago, where different cultures and communities influenced her taste, her ideas and created a fascination for all types of humans. This experience paired with an interest in visual arts eventually turned into a career in advertising.

Since 2012, Marybeth has created award-winning work for multiple US and global brands. Most recently, she helped create Never Lost, Facebook’s film about our resilience during the height of the pandemic. The film was shared by Kris Jenner (!) and made AdAge’s ‘Best of 2020’ list. Her work has been in collaboration with Terrence Malick, Derek Cianfrance, Nadav Kander, Jenn Nkiru and Kadir Nelson, among others.

At VCU Brandcenter, Marybeth co-created Museum of Endangered Sounds which was featured in Wired, NPR, Washington Post, Vanity Fair, Fast Company and answer on the game show, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

She’s currently a Creative Director at Droga5 NY.

For questions or collaborations, please reach out here.